Close contact to the Berlin construction industry led Marita Schreiber, an industrial clerk who later studied business and company communications, to found Bonheur Immobilien in 1999.

Bonheur means luck, and it has the luck to be able to work closely and confidently with renowned Berlin architects and developers, whose love of quality building is the leitmotif of their work. They give the charm and splendour back to old Berlin gems – giving character back to buildings.

All properties are selected carefully and without compromise. Thorough analyses of location, profitability calculations and building certificates make a vital contribution to success. Commercial properties are characterized by their optimum positions and their buildings of character. Residential properties have everything that goes with modern city life. They are central, with good connections, but are also quiet and light with modern layouts and equipped with the newest infrastructure.

Our specific Berlin expertise and specialist skills in technical and commercial matters provide the greatest of security for making decisions that are sensible in the long term.